About Us

We are a crowd-sourced, limited-edition bowling ball company with a lot of know-how and a little bit of sass.

WorXshop Bowling is revolutionizing the way bowling balls are created and sold to the public. We are a bowling ball company focused on giving bowlers a voice before production begins.

Who we are

WorXshop Bowling is owned and operated by Paul and Amy Ridenour.

Paul is a former Senior Research Engineer at the United States Bowling Congress. Until recently, he was also a staffer with Radical Bowling Technologies from its inception. Paul has learned at the right hand of Mo Pinel, master ball designer.

Amy is an experienced graphic artist, designer, creator, artist, and marketer — basically, she’s got everything Paul can’t do with his engineering, tactical brain covered.

Why WorXshop?

Giving bowlers a voice before production begins is what inspired us to start WorXshop Bowling.

Pro shops can manipulate ball motion with drilling changes and make surface adjustments after drilling, but this doesn’t give bowlers a choice before a ball is mass produced.

We want to provide bowlers with choices and the opportunity to tell us which ball motion they’re looking to use on the lanes right now. We want to give you the balls you want in the colors you’ve always wanted to see.

We are going to create attractive balls with great motions, and a little side of sass. Our company will sell directly to our WorXshop Ballers – our customers.

How it Worx

At the launch of each production cycle, we will unveil that cycle’s unique ball options with videos so you can see the exact motion each ball offers and how it will handle on the lanes.

After we debut the ball options, our WorXshop Ballers will have the opportunity to vote on which ball will be produced by placing pre-orders on our website.

The ball with the most pre-orders will go into full production. Anyone who pre-orders one of the other selections will have the option of purchasing the produced ball, receiving a credit toward another purchase or a full refund.

Once it has been manufactured, that’s it! The ball won’t be made again.