WorXshop Bowling Pop!
WorXshop Bowling Pop!
WorXshop Cycle 1 Pop! Bowling Ball on Stand
WorXshop Bowling Pop!
WorXshop Bowling Pop!

WorXshop Bowling Pop!

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The Angular Choice

Pop! features a unique core to WorXshop Bowling specifically designed for our ballers. It will be the strongest symmetrical pearl on the market!

The 0.048” total differential of Pop! means the ball can be drilled to influence the overall strength of the ball based on your chosen layout.

This is our longest choice out of the box. For more overall hook, hit the cover with a grey pad lightly or a 2000 grit abralon pad and the ball goes into maximum potential mode!

Pop! is the most angular off of the breakpoint, of our Cycle #1 offerings. It allows you to create maximum entry angle into the pocket later to increase carry and continuation through the pocket.  

The royal purple and silver colors of Pop! provides shelf appeal.

Undrilled Numbers:

  • Low RG: 2.510”
  • Total Differential: 0.048”
  • Coverstock Surface Prep: 500/1000/Polished
  • Coverstock Strength*: 8 out of 10
  • Core Strength**: 13.7 out of 25
  • Versatility Index+: 51.3% - 135.2%

Drilling layout for Paul’s test ball: 40° x 4 ¼” x 40°.

If WorXshop Bowling chooses to produce another bowling ball than the one you ordered, you can receive a full refund, the ball option that will be produced in the weight specified, or a future ball choice in that weight. You can select your preference when placing your order.

* Coverstock Strength

The coverstock strength number is an incorporation of our internal testing and some external testing done by the USBC and others. Most coverstocks will be between five and nine, however WorXshop may try using a super aggressive coverstocks or urethane covers in the future.

** Core Strength

The core strength is a number developed from our own internal core ratings system that has developed since Paul’s days at the United States Bowling Congress. It takes into account a multitude of things into the number. Most symmetrical cores will not go above a 20 out of 25, while most will be around eight to 14, while asymmetrical cores will be between 14 and 25. We may even try and reach a score of 28.

What does a high core strength number mean? A high core strength number, paired with the right coverstock will improve carry through the pocket, have a sharper breakpoint, and will maintain its path more through the pocket.

+ Versatility Index

The versatility index is a measure of how much you change the total differentials in a bowling ball with the weakest drilling we would recommend in the ball and the strongest layout. This is a range of how tunable that particular choice will be out of the box.