Cycle 1 Ball Options

Ball motion options are the heart of each of WorXshop’s production cycles, and falls into three general categories — classic, angular and torque.


The classic ball choice will provide the early and arc type motion. This used to be the only ball motion option, however it is still sought after on sport shots and super wet/dry house shots.

Failsafe is a low RG, low differential bowling ball that provides a smooth, continuous motion off of the breakpoint while simultaneously offering the overall total hook profile that bowlers have been asking for.


The torque ball choice provides asymmetrical ball motion. More often than not, asymmetrical balls read the late mid-lane and give bowlers a stronger reaction than classic balls that carry better due to less deflection through the pocket.

Hardened features an asymmetrical core. We wanted to create a torque option that would read the late mid-lane while featuring more angle and overall hook on the backend (compared to the classic choice, Failsafe).


The angular ball choice provides the skid/snap motion. It is clean through the front end of the lanes, and angular in the backend to create increased entry angle and carry. 

Pop! is the strongest symmetrical pearl on the market. This angular choice features a unique core to WorXshop Bowling designed with our ballers in mind.

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